Tips on Buying Custom Shutters

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Custom shutters are a popular addition to many homes. This video will discuss the benefits of plantation shutters and what you need to know before purchasing them.

The first thing to consider is your framing and dividing rails. There are full shutters, cafe shutters, and double-hung shutters. This will depend on your personal preference and where in the home the shutters are located.

The next decision to make is what sort of mounting installation you will use. You can get inside or outside mounts, or L mounts. It depends on what your windows fit and what looks more aesthetically pleasing to you.

The next choice is the louver sizes. These are the panels that fold open and close. Some louver sizes will give the room a more traditional feel and others can make it more modern. Take a look at plenty of samples before choosing.

You will also need to decide on louver tilt. The tilt is the mechanism for opening and closing the shutter panels. There are traditional front tilts and also hidden tilts. Again, it’s based on your personal feelings of what looks best.

There are no right or wrong answers when looking for custom shutters for your home. For more information, click on the link to the video above.