How to Operate a Mini Excavator Rental

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A mini excavator rental can be used to great effect for your more heavy-duty jobs. This video will show how to safely operate a mini excavator to efficiently get your project done.

Once you have the excavator at the job site, you will simply put the key in the ignition and turn the machine on. None of the controls will work due to safety locks being set on them by the rental company.

To disengage the lock you need to push the lever that controls the digger all the way to the ground. You can then pull that lever back to you to pull the top arm back to you. That same level can be pushed to the right to curl the bucket out, and left to curl it inwards.

The throttle will be on the side of you. There is also the grading plate controls that you can use to raise and lower the grading plate.

The left side controls operate the bottom arm of the machine. Pulling it in towards you pulls the arm in, and vice versa. Pushing this joystick to the left and right will rotate the machine in the direction you want it to go.