What to Know About Buying Fine Jewelry

How do you know what you are looking at when it comes to buying fine jewelry? Can you tell if a pearl is cultured, or if it’s natural? How can you tell if your garnet ring has the right amount of clarity and shine? Do you know how to spot heated gemstones vs. unheated gemstones? What’s the difference in quality between the different types of gold? This video explains what you need to know when buying fine jewelry.

First, you need to know your metal. Next, ask about gemstone treatment.

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You should know if your gem is treated (and how) because this can affect how you care for your fine jewelry. Be able to choose the right setting. Settings added to the design of a piece of jewelry. Not only should your setting be visually pleasing, but it should also keep your gem safe and secure. Buy from a reputable source. Buying from a reputable jeweler means that you are purchasing fine jewelry that has been sourced and created with high quality in mind. It also means that you can rely on your jeweler to disclose treatments and provide gem reports so that you understand the true value of your gem.