Why Bible Bookstores Still Matter

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Religion is an integral part of the every day lives of millions of Americans. And given that 82% of American people identify with some form of Christianity or another, they truly have a lot more in common in the course of their lives than they might realize. They pray–55% of Americans say, according to a survey conducted in 2014 by the Pew Research Center–they give thanks–a whopping 82% of Christians in the United States express that they feel a deep sense of gratitude on a daily basis–they keep their God in their thoughts, they read the bible, quote scripture, try to follow their Holy Bible and the gospel of their Lord to the best of their abilities.

Indeed, almost as many who identify with the Christian faith say that religion is a very important part of their lives–73% of people say as much, in Continue reading

The Top 3 Fears of a New College Student Debunked

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Want to know how you can save $94,000 on your college degree? It starts with choosing the right college, which more and more people are realizing might be a technical school. The average degree from culinary schools or pharmacy tech schools costs the student $33,000. That’s quite a bit lower than the $127,00 the average college student pays for their bachelor’s degree.

I’m Not Confident About My Academic Abilities.

Feeling unsure of yourself when you begin something new is an emotion everyone has felt at one time or another. You feel unsure of your abilities because you haven’t tested them yet. The solution then is to do the very thing that makes you uneasy so as to gain confiden Continue reading

Make a Living Without the Debt with Technical Schools

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For years there was a massive push for young people to go to college and earn a four-year degree. While choosing a path that requires a college degree is a remarkable accomplishment, one thing that happened was a dramatic drop in young people being trained in the technical trades.

Technical and trade positions are now in high demand because there is a serious workforce shortage. Additionally, these are well paying jobs with solid benefits. The average salary for an HVAC technician is over $48,000.

In addition to being a well-paying job, it is a growing field. It is predicted that the demand for HVAC technicians will grow another twenty-two percent by the year 2022. This isn’t the only field with a growing demand.

It is predicted that the demand for bakers will increase se Continue reading

Reasons Why You Should Consider An Academic Preschool Over Daycare For Your Children

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Once a child begins to walk and talk, every parent starts to think about daycare. However, daycare may not be the best route to take when it comes to educating your children. Daycares are typically advertised as places to watch children while their parents work, go to school, run various errands, or just need to take a well-deserved break. Unfortunately, what they advertise is exactly what they deliver, simply a place to watch your children and nothing more. When a child is in the daycare age, their learning process needs to start soon, as school is right around the corner. Instead of enrolling your child in an expensive daycare that will not aid in their development, looking into a preprimary program is a healthy alternative.

Preprimary programs are groups or classes that are organized to Continue reading

What Are Your Requirements for Preschools for Your Little One?

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Everyone wants a quality education for their children. Education is, after all, such a basic necessity for a successful future and a successful society. There are far too many issues that result from a lack of communication or a lack of understanding, both of which could be gained through the proper educational channels. One of the most important elements of education is the understanding that education should be the base of a good community, not the byproduct of possible funding opportunities.

Education must be a priority, not a possibility. It also must be seen as the opportunity to teach children how to think, not what to think. And in order to make the biggest impact, this type of thorough, positive education needs to begin early on.

Examining Continue reading

Bilingual Benefits How Language Makes Your Child Smarter

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Many people believe that speaking a second language is very important. A second language can intellectually challenge learners, and make them more open minded toward the culture in which the language is used. Most importantly, if a person lives in a region where more than one language is spoken, it can come in very handy to know all of them. It’s a well known fact that employees who are bilingual earn more than those who are not. Some will earn up to 20% more than monolingual coworkers. The reasons are clear, and many countries around the world have taken advantage of this. The region of Europe is a popular example of multiple cultures existing in close proximity. Interacting with each other will mean learning each other’s languages. This is why when English people go to France, they can speak Fren Continue reading

Are You Looking for a New Career Path? Explore the Options Available Through Technical College

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Are you looking for an educational program that will prepare you to enter the workforce? Or perhaps you’re looking for a new career path that can lead to consistent employment and opportunities for advancement. Since you’re likely exploring several options, you may be weighing the benefits of attending a traditional college or university versus a trade school or technical college.

The Benefits of Technical College

You may already be aware that attending trade schools or technical schools is less expensive than attending 4-year universities. The average cost to obtain a trade school degree is $33,000 as opposed t Continue reading

3 Education Options For Artistic Children

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For most children, high school is about building a good fundamental understanding of the world and enough people skills that once you graduate with a high school diploma, you can flourish, whether you are going on to trade school, college, or into the working force.
If your child was born to be an artist, it can be hard to watch them suffer through a traditional high school experience. For the budding artist, high school can be a drab and unengaging period which can lead to poor grads, depression, and anxiety.
If you are looking for alternative high school or educational choices to help your student feel engaged, here are a few options to consider


Many conservatories offer weekend classes geared at giving your student the edge when it comes to applying for college. They can Continue reading

Are You Looking for Help with Your Child with Extreme Anxiety Issues?

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A college education can go a long way towards preparing a teacher to be effective in a classroom. The added required hours of observation and supervised student teaching adds to the preparation. For all of this preparation, however, knowing how to take compare of a classroom of children can seem rather insignificant when it comes time to be a parent. When the parent has a child with extreme anxiety, in fact, all of the previous educational experience came seem completely worthless.
If you find yourself the parent of a child who has a difficult time socializing and interacting with others, you can feel ill prepared for the task at hand, even if you are a trained educational professional. Helping a child with extreme anxiety find a way into a classroom or a group of friends takes a lot of energy Continue reading

Ensuring Successful Academic Development as a Working Parent

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Being a full time working parent can be extremely difficult at times. You do not have the same availability of time to monitor your child?s academic and social growth. You may only get a couple of hours together in the evenings, which is usually spent with dinner and homework assignments. This is not to say that working parents do not care as much about their children?s academic development, they simply have to entrust it to others. Fortunately, working parents do have options to ensure that their child is still receiving the best academic development possible.

In home academic assistance
Hiring an in home academic tutor can be beneficial, even if there isn?t one specific subject that your child is struggling in. Tutors can also be helpful in preparing a child for diffe Continue reading