How to Plan a Successful Outdoor College Fair

Planning a college fair can be expensive. The key to successfully planning an event like this is formulating a budget. Then try to stick to it. The YouTube video “The five most important things to Do at a college fair” offers a glimpse into what such an event looks like. There are ways to cut costs and bring in revenue through a college fair.

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Get Yourself Organized

A college fair can be a large or small event. It depends on your marketing skills. Also, you decide how many colleges will attend the event. The more colleges you invite, the bigger the turnout of attendees will likely be. To cut costs, you can request colleges to pay a fee to attend. This can help with budgeting as well. If you intend to host your event outdoors, you should make arrangements for lavatories. Consider a porta potty rental in Ontario, CA. Various rental companies can accommodate your event. It depends on what your needs are. For example, if you host in the summer, you should consider air-conditioned portable toilets. Also, your event size will dictate how many portable toilets you need. Talk to your rental company. They can strategically place the lavatories so they’re easy to access for your guests.