What to Expect When Going to College for Dentistry

Dentistry isn’t only about a perfectly aligned white smile. It’s about the bones and muscles that support the smile. It’s about the movement of the teeth. Technological advances in dentistry have made orthodontics at NYU College of Dentistry a fascinating study.

Dentistry is no longer about brushing and flossing. It’s about the team, and the patient is on the team, too.

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It’s about research and development. It’s about the future of tooth movement being delivered to the patient right now. In today’s economy, NYU brings all this to the patient at a reasonable cost.

Expect to do the usual eight years of undergraduate and graduate studies. You should be studying your specialty about now. Expect to do your residency and/or clinic time in that specialty. You should expect courses in 3D technology or digital dentistry specifics like imaging or laser technologies. If they’re not offered, then another school might be a good idea.

Expect to learn that modern dentistry is about the patient’s experience. You should be learning how to use technology and research to make the patient more comfortable and not too financially strapped. Dentists are no longer feared, which is a great thing for orthodontics. Thanks to NYU for demonstrating why.