Why You Should Consider Private Schools For Your Child

Your child’s education is hugely important, something that the vast majority of all parents do not need to be told but instead know innately. A good education can open up doors and can make life easier, even well into your child’s adult years. Giving your child a good education from the very beginning, even from their preschool days, will help to give them at least some of the crucial tools that they need to succeed in the world at large. For more and more parents, this high quality education is coming from private schools near me as well as private schools all throughout the country.

From private schools near me to private education states away, private schools like private elementary schools and more are becoming more and more common – and more highly sought after. As a matter of fact, recent data even shows that up to one quarter of all schools in this country are actually private schools, such as but certainly not limited to the private schools near me. In total, there are more than 33,000 such private schools, from private preschools to private high schools and even private middle schools. Very nearly five and a half million children attend these schools, with more likely to come in the years that are ahead of us.

Private schools near me and private schools all throughout the country are growing more popular for a reason and that is because they can often provide a better quality of education to children of all ages. For one thing, private schools tend to be quite a bit smaller than your typical public schools. While public schools can often have hundreds or even thousands of students all contained within it, more than 85% of all private schools have no more than 300 students. And the average number of students at private schools near me and throughout the country is even lower than that, currently sitting at around 146 students in total.

This is ideal for a number of different reasons. For one thing, it allows more resources to be shared among the students. Students get more access to their teachers as well, of which there are nearly half of a million teaching at such private schools throughout the country. When there are fewer students, the students are less likely to fall through the cracks if they are struggling. And gifted students are also much more likely to receive the resources that they need in order to be challenged.

In many cases, the quality of education received at private schools near me and private schools in the rest of the United States is simply considerably higher than what is offered at their public school counterparts. After all, more than half of all private school teachers have advanced degrees, something that cannot be said for public schools. In fact, some private schools even have rates of teachers with advanced degrees sitting as high as a full 80%, something that is certainly hugely impressive by just about any standards. And this high quality of teacher is consistent throughout private schools, from private schools near me to private schools far beyond.

Private high schools are also ideal when it comes to college preparedness as well, much more so than your typical public school. For one thing, private high school guidance counselors are able to spend a great deal of time preparing students for the world after high school. In fact, an average of 55% of their time is spent just on matters surrounding college preparedness and the college application process. The typical high school guidance counselor working in a public school, however, just does not have that kind of luxury. Unfortunately, high school guidance counselors in public schools can only spend just over 20% of their total time on matters of college, leaving public school students at a considerable disadvantage in comparison to private school students. At the end of the day, this difference can seriously impact the overall outcome that students will experience both in college as well as in the larger world outside of it.

If your child will be entering school soon, consider enrolling them in a private school. This might end up immensely benefiting them.