Things You Should Expect When Re-Roofing a House

In this video, you will learn about siding and roofing near me. When you are a general roofing contractor, it is important to make accurate and competitive bids. Upon inspecting a roof for re-roofing, make sure you are making clear and focused observations.

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Try not to leave anything important out of the estimate. Once you get the bid, there are a few things to work through. First, you are going to want to focus on the flashing. Installing new step flashing is going to help with the overall structure of the house that you are working on. When doing this, it is important to install new ice and water shields. Before doing this, you are going to want to have a conversation with the homeowner and tell them that you may have to detach the siding. You want to use entirely new material. In preparation for bad weather, you will want to apply a bed of plastic wrap to protect this from the conditions. There is a lot to know about siding and roofing. Keep watching this video for more information.