Inclusion and Diversity Theory

In this video, you will learn about workplace diversity. In today’s day and age, workplace diversity has become increasingly more and more important. There are many ways people can be diverse. This is but is not limited to, race, age, marital status, and military status.

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Some other examples are pregnancy status, income status, and religion. it is proven that companies that are more diverse are far more successful than companies that are not diverse. When you have a company with a lot of diversity, you have the ability to bring ideas from all different walks of life. The idea of practical diversity is that you can actually practice diversity by acting on it. Don’t just talk about it and teach it, but actually do it. It is not hard to do and it eventually becomes way easier. Most companies can’t afford to be held liable for discrimination in the workplace. Many times when there are issues of discrimination of the work place, it can be completely avoidable. There is a lot to know about workplace diversity. Keep watching this video for more information.