Preschool and Its Connection to College

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Believe it or not, preschool can help prepare your child for college. Studies show that when you send your child to preschool, they have a 24 percent more likely chance of going to college than children who do not go to preschool. The welfare and reform movements back in the 19th century are credited with starting the day care movement. Today, most working parents will enroll their children in a Dublin oh preschool. Child care Columbus Ohio and daycare Powell Ohio is another popular option for working parents when their child is too young to go to preschool Dublin Ohio.

Parents who want to send their child to daycare dublin ohio should help their child learn how to get dressed in the morning. Children can learn how to care for their teeth and how to brush their hair first too. Children under three years of age, experience rapid brain growth, as about 1,000 trillion brain cell connections are made during this time. That is double the amounts of adults. Maybe that is why three fourths of children experience sleep disturbances during this time.

Finding appropriate daycare Dublin Ohio takes time and research. Parents should thoroughly investigate every Dublin OH preschool they want to send their children too. Talking to other parents can also give you insight into sending your child to Dublin oh preschool.