Does Quality of Education Matter?

College graduation rate

When it comes time to send your child to college, there are a lot of aspects that come into play. Tuition, program prestige, industry specific education, and even social life can all be major factors when deciding on a school for your son or daughter. Another aspect might be, if your child plays sports and plans to play them in college, would be college athletes graduation rates over the past few years at a specific school. To get an idea on college graduation rates, start researching specific schools or take advantage of the informational resources out there available that detail college athletes graduation rates.

US college graduation rates can be found in a few different reports from industry leading research companies but, in general, the information is all over the place and readily available. The information can be as broad as graduation rates by college or as specific as college football graduation rates or college graduation rates by race. The first step to take would be to start researching on a broad scale and narrowing down your interests as you get a clearer picture. So, in general, start by exploring general graduation rates for colleges and then comparing those numbers to college athletes graduation rates.

The next step might be to start comparing college athletes graduation rates against community college graduation rates for athletes. This is a big trend amongst a lot of middle class, lower income families around the country because of the ability to save some money and get a quality e3ducation all the same. Take some time to explore the options for your child because, in the long term approach, it is going to be the foundation for your child’s adult life. Be sure to consider the tradeoff between college athletes graduation rates and what type of education your child will be receiving because they are playing sports in college.