Is Academic Coaching For You?

If you think about an academic coach, you may realize that they are similar to a tutor. However, tutors only focus on making a student better at a specific skill, such as learning algebra. Academic coaches go into a student’s whole life to help them learn better overall. Learn if academic coaching is right for you with The Academic Success Center at Oregon State University.

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If you are a good student overall, but struggle in just one particular class, then a tutor is best, since you already know what specific area you need to focus on. An academic coach is best if you are having problems overall. Tutors are often only needed for the length of one class, while academic coaches are best for whole semesters or academic years.

Academic coaches look at your whole life to see where you can better learn how to learn. They may look to see how your backpacks, desks, or other study spaces are organized. They can help with time management skills. They can help you learn how to take better notes during classes, so you have a better reference for studying.

Academic coaches are also good for students with specific health problems or learning disabilities such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. Younger students studying for non-specific exams like the SATs can also be helped by academic coaches.