How to Tell if a Plant is Poisonous

In this video, you will learn about how to test toxicity of sediment. Furthermore, you will learn about how to tell when a plant is poisonous. Plants provide us with food that we love to eat.

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All of these plants grow in the wild. Not every plant that grows in the wild is safe to eat. There is a garden or some of the most poisonous plants in the world. All of these flowers or plants are extremely poisonous. There is probably not anything too poisonous near where you live. You probably live near poison ivy and poison oak can give you terribly itchy rashes. Each of these plants is covered in poison oil that they produce. There are berries to be picked in the forest, so don’t be too afraid of the plants. When it comes to plants like poison oak and poison ivy, remember the leaves pattern. Three leaves rule is a good rule to know. Generally, leaves that grow in three are going to be poisonous. There is so much to know about poisonous plants. If you are interested in learning more about poisonous plants, keep watching this video for more information.