Dedicated Servers Explained

In this video, you will learn about dedicated servers. A dedicated server is a central online server for a specific game, system, or region where people playing the game connect to. If you are playing call of duty, you might connect to a server that is dedicated to people playing the game in North America.

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This means that it takes all the bandwidth of the Call of duty game. Servers can go down. If there is an absence of a dedicated server, the weight goes onto the players. It will either spread throughout all of the users, or it will pick one user to host. The server is designed to pick the person who has the fastest server. This might cause the game to lag or you will get kicked out. Some examples of a dedicated server are minecraft servers. People might choose a Minecraft server because they want to host. When you host, other people can join your game. You can customize it and make it your own. The people who join your server will be riding on your bandwidth. If you are interested in learning more about this, keep watching the video.