How Private Schools Can Prepare Your Child for College

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School is an important part of our children?s lives. That is why they spend so much of their childhood in a school setting. They are enrolled into a preschool program around age 4 or 5. In this program, they are provided with the necessary academic skills for full time school programs. Every year, their studies and expectations increase, eventually preparing them for college, which will then prepare them for employment. Choosing the best preparation school for children can be a big decision. The following are some of the benefits of private school education.

Smaller class sizes You have probably heard of schools being compared by their class sizes. What does that even mean? The smaller a class size is, the more attention that the child is able to get from the teacher. If a teacher has too many students, they are not able to successfully provide their assistance and attention to many of the students. A lack of personal attention from the teacher can reduce the chance that the child is able to pick up the necessary academic skills for the next level of education.

Also, with smaller student bodies, children have access to more resources. Private high schools on average are less than half the size of public schools. Children in private schools are likely to have more access to things like books, computers, and sporting events. When there are too many children in a class or school, it is unlikely that there will be enough resources for children to get enough usage.

More extra curricular activities Public schools are funded by taxes. Because of this funding process, they are often struggling to provide free after school activities to children. After school activities keep children out of trouble and provide them with skills that improve social skills, academic skills, and teamwork. Academy middle school athletics often have more advance sporting programs. These top private schools are able to provide better coaching and better equipment.

Better test preparations Children will be required to take a variety of standardized tests throughout their education. Perhaps the most important standardized testing will be the college prep tests. These tests are prepared for all throughout middle and high school. Children who come from smaller class sizes and schools that focus on test preparation tend to do better on these tests, thus increasing their chances of college admittance.

Children will be competing with other students for college admittance from all over the country. Average national SAT scores were 497 in reading, 514 in math, and 489 in writing. Students in independent schools or top private schools scored 541, 579, and 550. This significant increase in SAT scores can mean the difference of attending a highly rated college versus a community college program.

Better college preparation Top private schools do not only better prepare students for college admittance testing, but they also prepare children to be more successful in college. College curriculum’s differ from most high school programs in that they are more academic focused and expectations tend to be higher. The best academy middle school and high school begins focus on these areas early on, preparing the child for an easier adjustment to college.

Access to religious exploration Public schools tend to keep religion out of their studies. There are too many students from different religious backgrounds. Although this is meant to include all types of students, it often prevents the child from learning about different religions around the world. One of the benefits of private school is that there is more of a focus on religion, giving your child access to this area of study.

Private schools offer many benefits to both parents and children. For parents who send their kids to private schools, 80% are happy with the academic standards. Top private schools better prepare children for college admittance exams. They also prepare the child for the adjustment to college and for success as the college education level. Private schools offer many invaluable benefits for the parent who wants the best for their child.