Facts About Public Speaking

Public speaking anxiety

Glossophobia, or fear of speaking in public is the top rated fear among people, higher even than the fear of dying. It affects three out of every four people and can be so debilitating in some cases, it can negatively affect the ability of a person to work in a public setting. Fortunately, public speaking anxiety can easily be cured by taking a public speaking course.

Colleges and universities offer at least one public speaking course each semester, and they are sometimes part of the required curriculum. The courses involve learning how to beat the anxiety that accompanies fear of public speaking. Students are typically required to write and perform a number of speeches, or to recite from prewritten material.

Even the slightest amount of fear can show through when a person is not careful. When taking a public speaking course people learn what sort of tone should be used in specific situations and how to maintain a specific tone throughout a speech or conversation. A public speaking course also instills confidence by showing people that it is not uncommon to be afraid of public speaking. Once people realize they are not alone in their fear, they are more likely to seek a solution to the issue.

Seeking public speaking help can benefit an individual in a number of ways. When a person is confident speaking in front of others, they become more sociable and reliable in a work setting and are more likely to be hired or promoted. Attending a public speaking course can build confidence as the fear slowly subsides and eventually is eliminated altogether. Students also learn to speak better, by learning to articulate clearly and avoid filler words.

When a person is able to speak well, he or she appears more intelligent. The ability to speak well also provides an appearance of leadership that can motivate others to follow or believe in whatever is being said. For more about this, go here.