Becoming An Addiction Counselor

Peer specialist certification

If you have an interest in helping people, a career as a counselor may be the right career choice for you. Substance abuse training prepares individuals for a career as substance abuse counselors. Substance abuse training teaches how to counsel those suffering from alcoholism, behavioral problems and other forms of addiction. Addiction courses offer insight into the mind of an addict and offers strategies on how to help them.

Substance abuse training can also be useful for those interested in becoming peer support specialists. Peer specialist training trains people who have come though their own battles with addiction and wish to help those in the process of recovery. Peer support mental health can offer a unique therapeutic experience for those struggling with mental illness or addiction.

You could also receive substance abuse training if you are interested in recovery coaching. Recovery coaching is a form of strength based support for those recovering from addictions and addictive behaviors. Recovery coach certification gives credentials to those who have completed their coursework. Becoming a substance abuse counselor is hard work, and working with people through the painful process of recovery is not easy, but many people find their work rewarding.