Why Knowing Graduation Rates By College Is Important

College athlete graduation rates

Graduation rates by college are good to look into when you are sitting down with your teenage children to decide which schools they will apply to. All schools have their own respective reputations in the greater and more apparent scheme of things, yet sometimes reputation does not connect with typical US college graduation rates. In fact, some schools that have excellent reputations in theory are not good at all with college athlete graduation rates or more specifically with college football graduation rates. But a college graduation rate is a vital factor in your decision on a college for your children, and on their choices too.

Knowing the college graduation rates of the colleges that your children are interested in attending helps you as a parent in many ways. For one, schools with higher rates of graduation are usually colleges that have stronger programs and more tools in place to keep kids interested in the college experience. For another, these schools often are not known as party schools, so to speak, meaning there are more opportunities for studying and advancement of learning than there are for drinking games and beer pong tournaments. Of course, every college will have these events, but in looking into graduation rates by college you will be able to separate the party schools from the schools that are very invested in their students’ careers and potential for success.

By knowing graduation rates by college, you can more effectively whittle down your possibilities list with your children as you sit down and decide which schools are more worth your time as far as the application process goes. Applying to colleges is a very time intensive endeavor, and by knowing the graduation rates by college you and your kids can perhaps eliminate some possibilities from the list, thereby targeting only the most serious schools or the ones with the highest levels of graduation.

In both knowing graduation rates by college and in having your child apply to schools with stronger graduation rates, you are giving your kids yet another advantage in their corner. You may feel or you may not feel that your children need that extra push to stay in school or to continually succeed, but regardless these graduation rates matter. They show the potential for these schools and for the kids who attend them, and they prove that their programs are more structured, more interesting, more informative, and more targeted too.