What Makes a Quality Cedar Shed

A high quality cedar shed is an excellent investment. They are durable and long lasting. Cedar sheds offer protection against insects, moisture, rot, and decay. When you’re building an outdoor shed, a high quality cedar shed is a great choice.

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Thickness of the wood
Cedar boards typically measure 1 inch of thickness or more. Thicker boards will make a shed more durable and stronger. This is ideal for windy or heavy rain conditions.

Length of the boards

There are various lengths of cedar boards. The one you choose will vary depending on the size of the shed you’re building. For larger sheds, you will want longer boards. This also includes when you’re building a shed that has multiple sections.

Quality of the wood

Try selecting wood that is high quality. Find pieces that have minimal knots or imperfections to ensure the quality. While it may be more costly upfront, it will help the shed to be sturdy for longer.

Seal and Protect the Shed

Sealing and protecting the shed makes it a higher quality shed. This process adds value to the shed and makes it higher quality.