What Are the Advantages of a Private Education?

Private school curriculum

Choosing the right school for your children is a major decision, which will affect the rest of their lives. There are a number of advantages of a private school education. Private schools provide students with a strong foundation for the future, with programs in the arts and humanities as well as athletics and technology. The smaller class sizes helps students to develop into well rounded and creative individuals. All the way from kindergarten through private middle schools to graduation, children receive a well-rounded education.

What are the benefits of private schools?
With smaller enrollment figures and qualified and committed teachers, private schools offer an intimate environment where students feel that they can learn and grow. Starting with elementary education, private middle schools and high schools provide a well-rounded education emphasizing the humanities, technology, arts and athletics.
The arts encourage self-awareness, creativity, communication and critical thinking skills. A strong academic foundation gives students the basis for lifelong success. Athletics programs help them to develop their talents and a focus on technology gives them a solid footing for the future. Many private schools also have summer camps and classes, to keep children engaged and to introduce them to new activities and interests.

Smaller class sizes and qualified teachers
Most private schools have smaller enrollment than public schools. The great majority, or 87%, have less than 300 students .Smaller class sizes mean that each student can get personalized attention and encouragement from teachers. It?s also a safer environment, which is a major concern for parents.
Teachers are highly qualified and as many as 60 to 80% have advanced degrees in their field. Their commitment to their students is as important as their qualifications. The quality of teaching is one reason why parents who choose private education for their kids are confident that they made the right decision.

A quality education
The quality of education in private schools can be measured in terms of their performance in standardized tests and colleges admissions. As of 2011, some 64% of private school students went on to attend four year colleges.
Character is as important as academic success and students learn the value of discipline and their role as conscientious citizens. The advantages of private schooling are apparent all the way from preschool through private middle school to high school.

Smaller enrollments and class sizes mean that private schools can provide a personalized education in a supportive environment. Programs that support the arts and humanities, athletics and technology give children a solid foundation for the future. Beginning with preschool, through private middle schools and all the way to graduation, students gain a well-rounded education.