What are Dedicated Servers

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There are a variety of servers that you can decide to build your business’s website on. Price and capability of the server will change depending on if it’s a normal or dedicated server. This video explains what dedicated servers are and how they can work for you.

Think of servers as residences for your website. Normal servers are like an apartment building. Your site lives there along with several others, and you all have to cooperate and put up with each other to get by. Utilities are shared between the units, and your website may not have much room to operate.

Dedicated servers are a lot more like houses. Your website lives there on its own. This is called a single tenet environment. You control all of the VSIs that go onto it, and get a lot more power to run the functions that you want.

The cost is greater, but it offers greater security and put workloads close to each other for better practical effects. This minimizes latency and maximizes performance. Multi-tenet platforms require a lot more jumping around and this can create substantial lag time.

For more information on dedicated servers, check out the video in the link above.