Want Your Child to Learn Spanish? 6 Reasons to Start When They Are Really Young

Elementary spanish curriculum

When people speak more than one language, they make more money, It has been proven that adults who speak at least two languages, make about 20% more than people who only speak one. Children can pick up languages like sponges. If you want your child to learn to speak Spanish, for instance, you should start them with preschool Spanish lessons to help get the ball rolling.

Reasons to Start Your Child on Preschool Spanish Lessons:

  1. Your children’s brains accept language better when they are young. Learning language skills is easy for the very young brain. Young children, who are under the age of six, are better able to produce sounds that are unfamiliar to them. They are able to make different sounds and learn grammar rules and new words much faster and easier. As children age, this becomes more difficult. From the age of eight years old until 12, children begin to lose the ability to hear new sounds and then reproduce them. Learning a language is much harder. When you start your child on preschool Spanish lessons, you put them in the best position possible to learn a new language.
  2. Your child will have no accent. As was noted, younger children are better able to reproduce the sounds they hear. If your preschool Spanish lessons are being taught by a person who is a native Spanish speaker, your young child will be able to mimic their speech patterns and will learn to speak Spanish like a native speaker. The better pronunciation is one of the best parts of a Spanish curriculum for preschoolers.
  3. They will have a lot more fun. You want to get your children to see how much fun it can be to learn. Sing in Spanish with your young kids. It is often easier to remember the lyrics to a song than to memorize a poem so singing in Spanish is a great way to introduce new words and grammar in a fun setting. Get Spanish story books. Play games in Spanish. All of these things are ways to teach your young child how to speak the language and enjoy the process. This will open them up to having fun while learning other subjects, too.
  4. They will have the time to learn Spanish. It has been said that if you really want to learn something, you need to devote at least 10,000 hours towards learning it. For adults, that number seems daunting but it is a lot less so for preschool age children. Start your children with their Spanish curriculum lessons and they will get that 10,000 hours in much faster.
  5. They will not be afraid. Many older people are intimidated by learning a new language. They are self conscious and become nervous when they try to speak it or practice it. The same cannot be said of young children when they are learning a new language. If you have your children taking preschool Spanish lessons, they will have no problem chatting in the new language without worrying about it. They will have fun playing with the new words and sounds in a way that older kids and adults do not. Learning a language is just another fun activity for young children. It is neither a chore, nor something to be frightened of.
  6. Your child will have a lot of people helping them. When young children begin to learn a new language, they have a lot of people around them who can help them with the process and practice with them. They will have the chance to be exposed to the new language from a number of different people. They also have songs, games, websites, podcasts and a plethora of other sources of the language to learn from.

Spanish is one of the best languages for your child to learn. World census reports show that this is the second most spoken language on the planet. There are least 390 million native speakers around the globe. That means its usefulness is enormous. By helping your kids learn the language at a very early age, you will help them a lot in their lives and careers.