There Are Several Types of Veterinarians

When we think of veterinarians, we think of the classic dog and cat vet. Since there are more animals and pets than dogs and cats, it stands to reason that there are also more types of veterinarians. In fact, there are six types of vets that care for all different types of animals.

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Wildlife refuges, zoos, and many other places employ vets.

The companion animal veterinarian is the most common type of vet. These are the vets that neuter your dog and give your cats medicine when they’re sick. Their daily tasks vary greatly. They can also perform surgeries and dental work. Veterinary practitioners are one step up from companion vets. Practitioners have extra training and typically have a specialty. They can work with birds, reptiles, and other uncommon animals. Veterinary specialists are similar to practitioners because they have chosen a specialty, but they can choose to specialize in surgeries, dentistry, and other medical fields.

Livestock and food animal veterinarians work with animals that live on farms. There are several other types of vets that you can be or you can work with. If you’re interested in learning more about the various types of vets, please reference the provided video.