The Top 3 Fears of a New College Student Debunked

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Want to know how you can save $94,000 on your college degree? It starts with choosing the right college, which more and more people are realizing might be a technical school. The average degree from culinary schools or pharmacy tech schools costs the student $33,000. That’s quite a bit lower than the $127,00 the average college student pays for their bachelor’s degree.

I’m Not Confident About My Academic Abilities.

Feeling unsure of yourself when you begin something new is an emotion everyone has felt at one time or another. You feel unsure of your abilities because you haven’t tested them yet. The solution then is to do the very thing that makes you uneasy so as to gain confidence in your abilities. Confidence is the feeling that acts as a reminder of all the times you’ve overcome an obstacle before and continued on to the goal.

While having faith in your abilities is the first step, you’ll need concrete methods to succeed in college. For this step, it will be necessary to do a little research and have a little courage. You see, colleges, especially technical colleges, want their students to do well. Many of these colleges, like pharmacy tech schools, will have special programs in place to help their students adjust to the demands of classes, teach them how to find an internship, or even assign them a mentor.

I’m Worried I Won’t Find a Job After I Graduate.

No matter what they have studied in college, nearly every student worries that the job market will suddenly dry up when they go searching for a job. Let’s look at the statistics related to the students who graduate from technical colleges, specifically pharmacy tech schools. Nearly 60% of medical assistants have a job in a doctor’s office, as found by Bureau of Labor Statistics. There were almost 400,000 pharmacy technicians working in the U.S. in 2015. That particular job billet is expected to grow 15% over time, 2014 to 2024 according to the Bureau.

I’m Scared This Decision Won’t Add Value to My Life.

Having a college degree is seen as a necessity in today’s job market. While a degree on its own won’t guarantee a job, it certainly improves one’s chances dramatically. Technical colleges such as pharmacy tech schools may not carry the prestige of an Ivy League college, but they don’t need to do that to benefit your life. A job that requires a special skill set requires a degree; those are the jobs that typically pay better than an entry-level job.

Which ever college you choose is your choice. Just make sure that choice is founded on possibilities and not fears. There hasn’t been one college student ever who wasn’t a little nervous about starting school. That is why many colleges have programs to help their students navigate the sometimes confusing coursework, and to help them find a job after they graduate. A college degree can change your life for the better, because it opens up new opportunities.