The Best Types of Hose Clamps

From construction and metalwork to woodwork to welding, all types of hose clamps are manna from heaven when you want to securely hold things in place. These extremely handy, versatile objects are engineered to keep your project firmly secured while you work on it, whether it’s bathroom fittings or car engines and can be permanent or temporary.

While the main purpose is the same, there are many different types of hose clamps that exist, each serving a different purpose, depending on whether you need to tighten, loosen or sustain light or heavy loads. Accordingly, hose clamps come available in metal, plastic, different diameters, bands, separate housing and so on. These types of clamps include spring clamps, ear clamps, screw clamps, wire clamps, worm-drive hose clamps, and embossed hose clamps.

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The embossed clamps types of hose clamps are another version of the screw clamp (albeit an improved one), with the main focus being the prevention of the sharp edges of the clamp damaging the hose that it will clamp. The rounded, smoother edges accomplish this. O-clips are the most economical hose clamps and work perfectly when you need to assemble simple hoses that carry only fluid and air.