The 8 Benefits of a Private Education

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Deciding where to send your child to school is an important and personal thing that every parent needs to do. There are a lot of considerations you need to make. There are some real benefits of private school education that you need to consider when you are making this decision.

  1. The class sizes are much smaller in private schools. Approximately 86% of all private schools have less than 300 students. By having smaller classes, students can get a chance to learn on their own schedule. Students who need some extra help can get it while students who are more advanced can be given the educational encouragement they need. Students do better because they get exactly what they need to perform at their best. Most public schools have a student to teacher ratio of 15.4 to one, while private schools have a ratio of 12.5 to one. That can make a big difference in how kids learn. The smaller class size is one of the most important benefits of private school education.
  2. The teachers are first rate. Teachers at private schools are dedicated, not just to their work of teaching but to their subject matter. Most teachers at private school have advanced degrees in the subject that they teach. This can make a big difference in how they teach and how much enthusiasm they show. They can inspire students more because they are genuinely interested and excited by their subject.
  3. The safety level is much higher than at public schools. More and more parents are concerned about the student safety. Because there are fewer students and the ratio of student to staff is lower, any problems with students can be dealt with early and before any issues grow. The staff is also better able to maintain the safety and security of the grounds.
  4. The academic standards at private schools is first rate. At least 80% of parents of kids in private schools report being happy with the academics at the school where their child is a students. A good education with first rate academic standards is another of the most important benefits of private school education. When it comes to the quality of the education is first rate at private schools around the country.
  5. The extra-curricular activities are second to none. When you are talking about the benefits of private school education. The sports facilities are great and they offer good arts education options. This is another factor that helps students get into the college of their choice.
  6. There is a very high graduation rate at private schools. The graduation rate is much higher at private schools than at their public counterparts. In 2011, it was found hat 98% of all private high school students graduated. That is a lot more than even the best public schools in the nation. If you are concerned about your child graduating from high school, sending them to a private school is a great option.
  7. There is a higher change your child will go on to college. The rate of kids who go from high school to college is much higher for students at private schools than in public schools. Not all students know what they want to do with their lives after they graduate college and many have a lot of options. More than 60% of students at private schools go on to four year colleges afterwards. Part of this is due to the prep work private schools do with students for their college entrance exams.
  8. Students are more ready to do well in college. Getting into college is great but it takes a lot of work to do well when students are studying at a university. Another one of the benefits of private school education is that the schools work hard to help their students develop into well rounded three dimensional people. By helping students with their personal as well as academic development, private schools help them get into college and then succeed.

When you are considering where to send your child to school, looking at the benefits of private school education can help you decide what the best thing for them is. Private schools can offer a lot of opportunities to students to succeed.