Our Tips for Sealing Your Pavement

You can seal your driveway with concrete pavers using either a water-based or solvent-based sealer. You can use a spray-on technique using either type of sealer, as the video shows. Use a water-based sealer with pavers laid with joint sand. Use a solvent sealer if you want to make stones appear darker and shiny.

Each of these choices requires a separate application method, denoted on its packaging, but in general, you can apply these sealants when the pavement temperature is about 76F.

Video Source

You can use a temperature sensor to find out the pavement temperature by pointing it a couple of inches from the ground.

The concrete sealer spray method lets you apply the sealant 50 to 60 square feet at a time. Start at the back of the driveway at the garage door and work backward toward the road.

You don’t have to use the spray method to apply paver sealing. You can also use a nap roller or combine the sprayer with the roller to provide texture to the application.