Is Massage Therapy Your Next Career Move?

Massage therapy training

Are you interested in learning the benefits of massage or perhaps even training to become a licensed massage therapist? If so, you are not alone! Estimates show that there are between 325,000 and 375,000 massage therapists and massage therapy students in the United States at any given time. The practice of massage has tremendous health benefits which is why so many people choose to enroll in massage programs all over the country in order to be a part of it. Below are a few quick facts that you may want to know before starting your search for a massage program:

1. Variety of Practice – One of the biggest draws for people who are looking to be massage therapists is the versatility of the job. Not all massage therapists work for a company that offers only that service. In fact, with nearly 60 percent of doctors regularly recommending massage therapy to their patients, the service is available in about 40 percent of hospitals around the world. Other massage therapists partner with offices in their location who provide similar care like acupuncture or biofeedback to create an entire catalog of services.

2. Benefits of Massage Therapy – If you have ever been a recipient of massage therapy then you know that the benefits are plenty. Polls show that 90 percent of people say that not only is massage beneficial to overall health and wellness, but that it is also be effective in reducing pain. If you are interested in learning more about the health benefits of massage therapy, just call or visit a nearby practice and let them walk you through everything they can offer. You never know what type of pain they might be able to help you with!

3. Continuing Education Requirements – So what happens after you get a license from a certified massage program? If you become a part of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) you will be required to complete 48 hours of continuing education every year. Whether or not you are apart of AMTA you will notice that the majority of massage therapists (94 percent to be exact) do choose to take continuing education courses every year. This just helps you make sure you are still at the top of your game!

Finding a massage school, massage program, or just a massage therapist to visit every once in a while can seem like a big task because there are so many options. Don’t let the search overwhelm you! Have some questions to ask at each location and be prepared to talk about why you feel like you want to attend the massage therapy training or why you would like to try massage therapy for the first time. You are sure to see the benefits of either choice right away!