How to Build Up Your DEI Initiative

What does your company’s DEI initiative look like? Do you have a DEI initiative? Do you know what a DEI report is? Do you know how to use DEI tech? Diversity equity inclusion is a new way to look at diversity in the workplace. There is equity in diversity. Diversity is something that requires a conscious effort. This video talks about the real value of diversity.

Today about 80% of leaders in the high-tech industry are male, which is not a very diverse population. The question then is how to promote diversity in the workplace. This video has some of the answers that you need to create a diverse workplace. Learn tips for gathering data and creating equity reports that give you a better look at what your organization is doing right and what needs improvement.

Learn how to take a closer look at your work environment to find ways to improve. For example, asking yourself where are we getting our talent from can be very revealing. Watch this video to learn more about diversity, recruiting effectively, and improving diversity in the workplace. Watch this video now to learn more about how to apply the tips in this video.