How a French Language Immersion Program Can Benefit Your Child

In this YouTube video, PeelSchools discusses whether a French language immersion program is suitable for a child. An immersion program teaches a child a new language in a natural way focused on the maximum allowed time possible during lessons.

A child might enjoy an immersion program if they have a good memory, enjoy playing with others, are eager to read or be read to, and aren’t shy.

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Typically, children that like to act out dramas and have unique aspects to their personalities seem to perform better in immersion programs.

A child is seen as succeeding in a French immersion program when the child is happy and having fun, they teach other family members the new words, and they’re singing the songs they’re learning. The child is actively counting, identifying things in French, and enjoying hearing the French language. The child might request French audiobooks to listen to instead of ones in their native language.

Some organizations specifically support French immersion programs within public schools to keep the French language as an integral part of national culture. These organizations offer tips and help for parents with a child in a French immersion program.