How A College Graduation Rate Can Determine Where Your Kids Go To School

National college graduation rates

When you and your kids are looking into where they should be attending college, you must take a long hard look at each school’s college graduation rate. A college graduation rate basically shows you the percentage of students who enroll in these colleges compared to the percentage of students who end up graduating after the traditional four year time period. This helps your kids and you out in finding out which colleges are best, and it shows too which institutions are better at retaining and even educating their students than others.

To look up a college graduation rate by college or university, you simply can visit any number of websites that will list the college graduation rates for all major colleges and universities across the nation. There are college graduation rates by country, college graduation rates by state and even college graduation rates by race that these sites list. As you and your children search for great opportunities for schools they can enroll in, it certainly is beneficial to note which of these institutions are better known for keeping their students.

There even are community college graduation rates that are listed on these sites, if your kids have any interest at all in attending a community college. This presents a nice backup plan for your family as well should your child not get into the college or university of his or her choice. Your goal is most likely to have your kids attend four year institutions, but it is perfectly feasible for them to have positive and rewarding experiences at the community college level too, so at least explore these options while you are looking into the typical college graduation rate for any given college or university your child is considering.

When all is said and done and your child has narrowed down his list or her possibilities, then start looking into the college graduation rate that applies to these institutions. It does not make much sense to look into the college graduation rate for every single educational institution, since that would feel overwhelming at best. And you and your kids have enough to worry about as you navigate this process. So instead of looking up all of the rates at once, take this advice and narrow down choices, then look into the rates of graduation for these institutions. It helps make the process easier and ideally should land your kid the best place to attend college.