Here’s How a Bit of Extra Studying Could Save the World


Education is important. Not only is good schooling an important factor, but lifelong education, obtained from multiple sources through multiple experiences, is key in developing further growth. This growth can and should occur both on personal levels and societal levels. But the development of society can only start happening once individuals start taking the necessary steps to broaden their own minds and reach out to help others become aware of the need for continuous education as well.

Studying the world around us for lifelong learning

Almost three quarters of adults think of themselves as lifelong learners, which is a good thing. The moment that you think that you have nothing more to learn is the moment that your ignorance and complacency begin to grow. There is always something new to learn. This is how our species has developed to the point of advanced technology, medicine, and science that we have today. Continued learning helps us discover and understand more and more about the world around us, and if there’s one major thing that is clear about our collective development, it is that there is always so much more to learn, with each and every new progressive step.

Home learning courses and online lectures are just a couple of ways to bring studying and continued education into your everyday life. Not all studying and further education needs to happen in a university setting. In fact different types of people learn best in different settings. But the good thing is that with so many people willing to further their education, in any number of different settings, the world gets another step closer to collective improvement.

Personal learners and why the world needs more of them

There are many people who identify as personal learners. These are individuals who believe in the importance of continued education, and have taken part in one or more activities over the course of the past year that elevates their knowledge on a subject that is of personal interest to them. Going to meetings and events, doing research and reading, or taking classes on the subject of interest are all ways that these individuals work to progress their learning. And there can be a number of motivations to do so. The interesting thing is that what might be a strong motivator for one person could end up being a pleasant benefit that another person had never considered.

    Here are just a few reasons and benefits that personal learners say lead them to pursuing continued education:

  • A vast majority appreciate that they feel more well rounded, and overall more able to take on tasks and new information.
  • Many are happy to see issues with new perspectives and a new frame of mind.
  • There are many situations that continued learning leads to the formation of new friendships.
  • Continued learning can help individuals get more plugged in to their local communities.
  • About 43% of personal learners have said that their interest and commitment to further learning led to their more in-depth involvement with volunteering.
  • Many of those who dedicated more time to studying a subject that intrigued them said that they did so with the desire to give more fullness to their lives.
  • Learning about certain subjects on a deeper level has permitted many to develop skills that better equip them to help those around them.
  • Around 60% of personal learners admitted that once they realized that they had a bit of extra time on their hands, they applied it to getting to know more about what interested them.
  • And of course there are those who wanted to learn how to transition a hobby into a good source of income.

Whatever the initial reason or pleasant additional benefit of pursuing further knowledge in any given subject, continued education is what will help to save the world.