Ensuring Successful Academic Development as a Working Parent

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Being a full time working parent can be extremely difficult at times. You do not have the same availability of time to monitor your child?s academic and social growth. You may only get a couple of hours together in the evenings, which is usually spent with dinner and homework assignments. This is not to say that working parents do not care as much about their children?s academic development, they simply have to entrust it to others. Fortunately, working parents do have options to ensure that their child is still receiving the best academic development possible.

In home academic assistance
Hiring an in home academic tutor can be beneficial, even if there isn?t one specific subject that your child is struggling in. Tutors can also be helpful in preparing a child for different school programs, such as full day preschool. The tutor can also be a crucial part in learning the necessary academic and social skills that will help them make the transition from a preschool program to a kindergarten program. Additionally, many preschool aged tutors are experienced and specialized in early child care development, giving your child the best ability to succeed.

Enroll your child in a full day preschool program
Most preschool programs have different time length options. Some parents may be tempted to start their child in a half day program allowing them to adjust slowly. However, studies show that full day preschool programs provide better results. In preschool, children will improve motor skills such as strength and balance, jumping in place, standing on one foot, running and kicking a ball, and more. A full day program gives them more time to work on these necessary skills, while also allowing them to increase their social interaction skills.

Many studies show that children who attend any type of preschool program can positively affect their education later in life. As adults, participants who had gone to preschool were more likely to complete a higher degree of education and go to college than those who had not gone to preschool. Researching preschools is one of the best things that a working parent can do for their child.

Utilize after school programs
After school programs do not have to be a bad thing. You may feel guilty about leaving your child in an after school program, however, there are actually many benefits to their development. Researching preschools will show you that children who attend full day programs tend to perform better academically and socially. You are simply giving them even more time in a strong academic setting with after school programs.

In an after school program, your child will receive more individualized attention from the teachers and program aids. They will have scheduled time to work on their homework assignments and to work on any areas of difficulty. They will also have additional time to interact with other children in the program, an extremely important part of social development skills. Good programs feature a wide variety of fun activities, including singing, dancing, arts and crafts, storytelling, free play, and both indoor and outdoor games and projects, designed to teach children different skills.

Consider private school
When researching preschools, you are likely to see a lot of debate around private school versus public school. One of the biggest advantages of private schools is the smaller class sizes. Public school teachers may have larger numbers of children in their classes, making it difficult to give each child the attention they require. If you are a full time working parent, you will likely benefit from giving your child the specialized attention of the best preschool private program.

Two parent working households are more common than ever. Both men and women are sharing in the financial and household duties. One of the biggest challenges of being a full time working parent is ensuring that your child is developing successfully, especially academically. You can increase your child?s chances of academic success by hiring them an in home tutor, enrolling them in a full day preschool class, giving them the opportunity of after school programs, extensively researching preschools in the areas, and considering private preschool programs.