Don’t Let These Excuses Stop you from Earning More

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Did you know that you can obtain your MBA without leaving your current job? All of the reasons that stopped you from going back to college before, your financial situation, time, and logistics are no longer an issue with online MBA programs. In fact, online MBA programs make it easier than ever to go back to school. When you choose an online MBA program, you avoid the following excuses.

I don?t have time, I have to work
This is a legitimate excuse for many adults. Going back to school often means that you have to quit, or cut down on your current job hours. This can make it difficult to pay rent, insurance, and car payments. This is, in fact, one of the most common reasons that adults put off going back to school. Online programs, however, work entirely different. You can take classes at your own convenience. If attending class in the middle of the day works best for you, this is an option. If you prefer to study through the night, this is also an option. Online MBA classes are set up to be convenient for the student.

I can?t afford to go back to school
This is another common problem. If you have a bachelor?s degree, it is possible that you are still paying for those costs. Also, going back to school usually means that your current job is going to be affected. Online schools allow you to keep your current job and are much more affordable than brick and mortar schools. The school itself doesn?t have to pay rent, so they are able to pass on discounts to you. Additionally, you can cut down the costs of transportation and lodging. In many cases, even the cost of books and supplies is reduced.

Also, you will not be alone if you decide to keep your job during your MBA program. According to a 2016 survey by Aslanian Market Research and the Learning House, 91% of online MBA students were employed when they started their degree program. With a majority of the class being employed during classes, you will find a greater leniency and understanding from professors and other school officials.

I don?t meet the current requirements
Many master?s programs require a lot of their applicants. They want job experience, outstanding recommendations, and high test scores. These requirements may not always be a possibility. Adults that have been out of school for many years may find it difficult to sit for tests and if they do, they might find the test itself difficult. Fortunately, many online MBA programs do not require tests. An MBA no GMAT program looks are other qualifying aspects, such as job experience and program intent. The MBA no GMAT program opens the door for adults that have been out of school for many years the opportunity to achieve their degree.

I cannot afford to go back to school
Even with online learning and MBA no GMAT programs, some professionals still believe they cannot afford to go back to school. In reality, you can?t afford not to. According to a survey conducted by The Learning House, 44% of online students reported improvements in their employment standing. Additionally, as the healthcare sector in the U.S. continues to grow, the field is demanding more recent MBA grads. A recent MBA graduate can earn as much as $150,000 as a healthcare consultant. To achieve an MBA salary, you need an executive MBA degree.

There are many reasons that adults find it difficult to go back to school for their MBA. Some of the most excuses are a lack of time, lack of money, or no test scores. With online MBA programs like MBA no GMAT programs, you will find it easier than ever to go back to school. It is likely to pay off, as well, as MBA graduates earn a significant increase in income.