Does Implicit Bias Training for Police Actually Work?

Frequently, police bias training has come into focus as an answer to public outcry. The question of course is, does this type of training have a real effect on policing? This video from 10 Tampa Bay takes a closer look at whether police bias training can help to improve law enforcement.

Bias is described as a preconceived notion about a group. The video talks about some recent testing that showed that police officers are more likely to shoot at black targets at a range than white targets.

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These studies are alarming and are a good indicator that more training is necessary to improve policing.

One of the misconceptions about bias training is that bias training is focused on stopping bias. This training is used to show officers that they can be biased and to help recognize their bias with the hope that once the bias is recognized the officers will be aware of that bias and act accordingly.

Unfortunately, there is no data currently available that can support the success of this training. However, the problem is that there has not been enough research to determine if the program works or not. This is a hot topic that deserves more attention and funding. Watch now.