Do You Have a Bad Water Pump? Heres How to Know

A water pump plays a vital role in your vehicle’s cooling system. However, sometimes it can malfunction and fail to operate as required. This video highlights the common symptoms one can check to know that their water pump is faulty.

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The first symptom of a bad water pump is the check engine light turning on. This may indicate that the water pump is affecting the engine. When the pump fails, cooling circulation also fails, causing the engine to overheat. On the other hand, the water pump may be faulty if there is a whining noise in the engine. This noise may get louder as the water pump continues to wear out.

The coolant may also malfunction due to the heater not warming up. If this continues long enough, the engine may damage or even fail. Another symptom of a bad water pump is a coolant leak. If the pump fails, it may develop a small leak that may be hard to spot. Leaks should be fixed immediately to prevent further damage.