Dedicated Server vs. VPS Understanding the Difference

With the ever-changing landscape of the virtual market, understanding the different options to contain information can be crucial. When choosing between a dedicated server and a virtual private server, also known as a VPS, understanding the difference between the two is essential to the proper running of a business.

A dedicated server is one that is fully designed to operate by a single user, business, or application. This means the storage, operating power, and functions work for one cause or person.

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This can be beneficial as it means that the one using the software will not have to worry about issues with speed or the server being used for anything outside of its intended function.

A VPS is one that functions from inside another server. This can be good, as the increase in the number of people on the server means additional help with troubleshooting any issues. However, because it is a piece of another server the number of users on it is more likely to be higher. This heightened traffic on the server can lead to decreased speed, increased errors, and an overall lack of privacy.

For additional information on the differences between a dedicated server and a VPS, please review the attached video.