College Graduation Rates By Country

College athletes graduation rates

There has been a bit of controversy lately over the alarming state of college graduation rates that seem to be sweeping the country. South Carolina has been reported ranking near the top with a college graduation rate of 71.52 percent making them the sixth highest in the country. College graduation rates by country have often shown that other countries graduation rates exceed the United States but those are just numbers.

President Obama has decided that we need to invest in higher education over the next four years and that does not just include our secondary and high schools. By 2020, the President wants America to again be leading the way when it comes to college graduation rates by country. Obama’s plan for the next four year is to do what he did with the No Child Left Behind program for elementary, middle, and high schools. He intends to see that not only children are ready to graduate from high school but that they are ready to see college through to graduation. This does not just include children, but adults as well as many did not go to college for various reasons.

College athlete graduation rates seem to be up for this year with many schools having graduation rates of around 80 percent for their star athletes. Everyone remembers the days when a college athletes graduation rate depended on how well they were doing on the team. Many coaches pushed their team players through college without the education really sinking in because the sport they played was considered to be the most important. This was especially true for college football graduation rates and many college football players graduated with a diploma that did them little to no good at all.

America needs to make a stand as President Obama has stated. We need to get our country back on top and be leading the race in the pursuit of education. College graduation rates by country used to mean something in the United States of America. Do the college graduation rates mean less that before or has America just gotten lazy and started taking the easy way out? College graduation rates by country need to show America in the number one spot. Can we do it? College graduation rates by state rising to acceptable levels once again is a start.