Bilingual Benefits How Language Makes Your Child Smarter

Homeschool spanish lessons

Many people believe that speaking a second language is very important. A second language can intellectually challenge learners, and make them more open minded toward the culture in which the language is used. Most importantly, if a person lives in a region where more than one language is spoken, it can come in very handy to know all of them. It’s a well known fact that employees who are bilingual earn more than those who are not. Some will earn up to 20% more than monolingual coworkers. The reasons are clear, and many countries around the world have taken advantage of this. The region of Europe is a popular example of multiple cultures existing in close proximity. Interacting with each other will mean learning each other’s languages. This is why when English people go to France, they can speak French. French people almost always know English as well. The same is common in Italy, Germany, and more.

Why is Europe so multilingual?

This is a result of language being taught in schools at early ages. It is best to teach second languages before the age of 10, and even before the age of 5. This is because children are still learning their first language at this point, and can better absorb information. At this age is it easy to learn new forms of grammar and foreign sounds. Is it important to use this vital time in development to help children learn as much language skills as possible, and education systems in Europe have done just that.

How does the United States compare?

Unfortunately, language education is not as much of a priority. Instead of teaching children a second language during the prime time to do so, the United States will wait until high school. This results in only 4 years of study, which is far too few years to learn a second language. This is a missed opportunity for most children to maximize their learning potential and unlock many opportunities in the future.

How can we do better for our children? The answer is Preschool Spanish lessons.

There are options available to take advantage of the learning capabilities of young children. Preschool Spanish lessons are a great way to introduce a second language to a child during the prime time for learning. Latin America is the close neighbor of the United States, and learning their language is important for friendly interaction. A way to use preschool Spanish lessons is to introduce Spanish curriculum into a homeschool setting. Children at this age will learn better through imitation, games, and songs. The rhythm and happiness of songs will associate learning with joy in young children. Preschool Spanish lessons will often include these songs and games, such as Spanish storybook sets, in it’s curriculum.

It is time for United States education to step up and learn by example from European education. However, it might be better to take matters into your own hands for your child by means of home education. Starting home education early though preschool Spanish lessons can have an abundance of benefits later on.