After You Get That Diploma, What Next?

Careers after college

What do you have planned for a career after graduation? Anything? You had better start looking sooner rather than later, as you will be graduating in under a year. Do not join the ranks of college grads who do not start planning for their futures until after college.

You are just about to leave college. You are a smart person. You should have a career after graduation lined up and ready to go before they even hand you that diploma.

  • Career After College
  • For some people, finding the right career post-college is no challenge at all. If you are graduating with a Master’s in English Secondary Education with a specialization in high school literature, you kind of know what you are going to be striving for in terms of career. You have already made that decision.

    But, if you are graduating with something a little more general, what do you do? There is no definitive answer for a career when you graduate with a degree in Business or English. It is hard to set a concrete goal when your degree is so general.

  • Entry Level Job Search
  • That is when you start looking for something in your general field, but is still entry level. Everyone has to start low on the totem pole, there is nothing to be ashamed of in that. Rather than being forced to make the decision of a lifelong career after graduation, simply look for jobs that require your degree, that fit into your field of study and where you know you would like to work over the next 60 years or so.

    Once you get in, then you can gain experience, make connections, and work your way up the ladder. Starting low and general enough, you can get a great deal of experience in all aspects. You can get some incredibly valuable training, and that can all help you to determine where you want to point your career later on. It can help you to set goals and figure out just what you want to do.

  • Entry Level Careers
  • When it comes to finding those careers, if you really want to focus on your specific field, it may take more work than just surfing Craigslist a few times a week. You have to look in the area that you want to settle in, and determine what companies are doing what you want to be doing, what businesses are working in your field of study.

    From there, go directly to them, bring your resume, and create a connection. Talk to the right people, spark a relationship. With a professional, yet friendly, rapport, you just may find yourself hearing about job openings before they are posted publicly.

Nothing has changed in business over the last 100 years. Those who are proactive and show initiative are more likely to see positive results. And it really is all about who you know. If you prove yourself to be an asset right from the start, even in simple interactions with the right people, you will not be long without a job right in the field that you want to be in. Find more.