A Look At National College Graduation Rates

College graduation rates by country

Whenever you look at college graduation rates by country you can see that America needs to do some work. According to the National Center for Education Statistics the national high school graduation rate has improved notably. It is now up past the 70 percent mark, which is higher than it’s been since 1970. However, this still means that 1 in students aren’t getting a diploma. So, what does this mean for national college graduation rates?

Essentially it means that there’s more work that needs to be done, especially if people would like to see an increase in national college graduation rates. In other worse while we are currently moving in the right direction, there’s still more that needs to be done. Fortunately, this is something that the government sees and admits to as well.

The government believes that in order to increase national college graduation rates they need to continue working on high school reform. They also believe that they should be collaborating with middle schools to entice kids to want to go to college. At the same time they feel as though they need to show just how important a college education really is. It is believed that part of this should include creating better early warning systems that are able to actually identify students who
are struggling. They feel that since whenever you look at college graduation rates by state you’ll see that some states are better in doing this than others are, schools should look at the successful states and attempt to replicate it in their own.

Some states are seemingly more concerned about national college graduation rates than others are. This is something that can be seen in Nevada. This state has just set aside $80,000 to implement the All Students College Educated in Nevada Today program, which is also known as ASCENT. This program provides community mentors for any children who are deemed to be at risk and even goes so far as to provide these children with scholarships if they do manage to go on to college.

Clearly, there are some small victories that can be seen whenever you look at the US college graduation rates. While not every student will ever go to college, it’s important that every student has a strong foundation. This will enable them to be able to choose between attending college or going out into the workforce right away.