4 Reasons to Consider Online Learning

In the United States, 74% of adults are personal learners. That means they actively take part in activities to learn more about something they find interesting. These activities could be reading, taking a class, going to a meeting, or some other kind of event. Among working adults, 63% are personal learners, and 80% of all personal learners are pursuing knowledge because they want a fuller and more interesting life.

Thankfully for all the personal learners among us, the study at home movement has exploded in recent years. Home study courses are readily available, and the Babson Survey Research Group has found that more than six million students have taken at least one online course. Here are some great reasons to take home study courses if you’re interested in taking up a new interest, keeping up with kids or grandkids as they learn, or just being a more capable person.

  1. Learning happens at the pace you’re able to maintain. If you’re struggling to balance life and work, you can’t just drop all that and attend traditional courses in person. Even online courses can be too much; but many courses now are self-paced, meaning that you can complete the course goals at a schedule that meets your needs. This means you don’t have to drop all your hobbies, ignore your family, or become a zombie at work just to better yourself. In fact, when asked what they love about online learning, 64% of students cite the freedom to study anywhere and anytime as one of those things.
  2. Learning costs less. This alone could be a good reason to forego a traditional education. Tuition online will vary from course to course, naturally, but it is almost always cheaper than anything you can get in person at an institution of higher learning. Not to mention that there are literally thousands of courses out there that are completely free.
  3. Learning takes less time. We’re not talking now about the time it takes the learn the material. You can often take more time if you like, and if you’re studying while you also hold down a job and a personal life it’s unlikely you can take as many courses in a week as someone who is dedicated solely to study. But the time-wasting you do eliminate is travel and wait. There’s no driving or taking the bus to school and back. There are no lost minutes before and after class gathering up books and making the obligatory small talk. All the stress of those time-wasters is gone, too.
  4. Home study courses help to beef up a resume. Online lectures and online learning courses are a great way to signal to a potential employer that you’re a good choice. They show self-motivation, display the kind of skills you can bring to the table that not otherwise pop out on a resume, and demonstrate that you have the character and work ethic to balance multiple responsibilities and stick with something even when it’s inconvenient.

Whatever your goals are, home study courses can help you get there. Why not see what home learning courses are available in your area of interest?