3 Education Options For Artistic Children

Music high school

For most children, high school is about building a good fundamental understanding of the world and enough people skills that once you graduate with a high school diploma, you can flourish, whether you are going on to trade school, college, or into the working force.
If your child was born to be an artist, it can be hard to watch them suffer through a traditional high school experience. For the budding artist, high school can be a drab and unengaging period which can lead to poor grads, depression, and anxiety.
If you are looking for alternative high school or educational choices to help your student feel engaged, here are a few options to consider


Many conservatories offer weekend classes geared at giving your student the edge when it comes to applying for college. They can include personalized learning with independent instructors in acting, musical instruments, singing, painting, or writing.

This is great option if your child is showing interest in one particular art form, but is still able to perform and engage in a conventional school program.

Summer Programs

Another great option for students who are still engaging with conventional high schools is the in depth summer program. This is a great way for an interested student to fully immerse in a fieldto make sure they are ready to commit themselves to such a highly-specialized education.

There are excellent examples of these summer schools for all field in the arts: Interlochen for dancers and musicians, Broadway bound for aspiring actors, shared worlds for teens who are aspiring fantasy and science fiction writers.

These programs also help your student get a jump start on building their professional network, which is perhaps the single most important aspect of any successful artistic career.

Performing Arts High School

There are a number of full time music high schools and acting high schools across the country that are designed for students who know that they want to focus on one specific art form.
That?s not to say they won?t get a full education. If your child studies tuba at a music high school, they will spend more of their day learning about music history, theory, and performance but they will also learn the standard information a high school teaches.

Keeping your child is engaged is a key part to helping them through school. If your child is committed to their art, then there are a number of options to help them learn.
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