Bilingual Benefits How Language Makes Your Child Smarter

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Many people believe that speaking a second language is very important. A second language can intellectually challenge learners, and make them more open minded toward the culture in which the language is used. Most importantly, if a person lives in a region where more than one language is spoken, it can come in very handy to know all of them. It’s a well known fact that employees who are bilingual earn more than those who are not. Some will earn up to 20% more than monolingual coworkers. The reasons are clear, and many countries around the world have taken advantage of this. The region of Europe is a popular example of multiple cultures existing in close proximity. Interacting with each other will mean learning each other’s languages. This is why when English people go to France, they can speak Fren Continue reading

Why Teach Preschoolers Spanish

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Around the world today, roughly 66% of children speak two, or more, languages, yet in the United States, that number drops to just 17%. Such a significant difference is remarkable, and this lack of focus on foreign language development puts American children at a disadvantage in the global community as they grow older. It falls on parents to prevent this disservice to their children, and Spanish often is selected as the best choice. For those considering this path, explained here will be the reasons to teach younger children, why to choose Spanish in particular and the benefits for children as they grow.

Why Teach Younger Children?

It used to be believed that young children were the worst candidates for learning a foreign language, and it was better to begin Continue reading